編號 中文 英文
1 內政部消防署港務消防大隊 Harbor Fire Corps‚ National Fire Agency‚ Ministry of the Interior
2 綜合企劃組 Planning Division
3 災害管理組 Disaster Management Division
4 預防調查組 Fire Prevention and Investigation Division
5 危險物品管理組 Hazardous Materials Management Division
6 救災救護組 Disaster Rescue and Emergency Medical Services Division
7 整備應變組 Disaster Preparedness and Response Division
8 救災救護指揮中心 Rescue Command Center
9 訓練中心 Training Center
10 人事室 Personnel Office 
11 會計室 Accounting Office
12 政風室 Civil Service Ethics Office
13 督察室 Inspector Office
14 秘書室 Secretariat
15 特種搜救隊 Special Search and Rescue Team
16 資通作業中心 Information and Communication Operations Center