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21 假如你發現受害者,用閃亮明顯的物體標示他們的位置,然後打電話進來,並留在現場直到消防人員抵達 If you find victims, mark their location with something bright and obvious, call back, and remain in the area until fire-rescue arrives on-scene.
22 遠離窗戶或玻璃區域。避免大型玻璃天井區域,通常是在大賣場的中央位置 Stay away from windows or glassed areas. Avoid large, glassed atrium areas such as might be found in the center of a mall.
23 遠離有寬敞天花板區域的大型房間,像是餐廳或是健身房 Stay away from large rooms with wide ceiling areas, like dining halls or gymnasiums.
24 你現在在哪裡 Where are you?
25 建築物現在是否著火 Is the structure on fire?
26 你有看見或是聞到煙味嗎 Do you see or smell smoke?
27 假如建築物著火,則以一般正常建築物火災案件回應派遣 If the structure is on fire, dispatch a full structure response?
28 你必須立即撤離整棟建築物 You need to evacuate the structure immediately.
29 假如你看見火光,看見或聞到煙霧,你必須馬上撤離這棟建築物 If you see fire, or see or smell smoke, then you must evacuate the structure.
30 除非你正使用行動電話,否則掛上電直到閃電經過。閃電有可能從電話線中傳導,並造成你受傷或死亡 Unless you are on a portable or cell phone, hang up until the lightning has passed. Lightning can travel along phone lines and injure or kill you.
31 你的房屋是閃電發生時最安全的地方。假如你在屋內,就留在裡面。遠離窗戶及電器用品 Your house is the safest place to be in a lightning storm. If you are inside, stay there. Avoid windows and electrical appliances.
32 受害者現在人在哪裡 Where is the victim?
33 試著分辨受害者是否迷失方向或呼吸困難 Try to determine if the victim is disoriented, or having difficulty breathing.
34 只要來電者到了安全的地方,則透過正常的緊急救護程序處理任何受傷問題 Once the caller is in a safe place, handle any injuries per normal EMD procedures.
35 你的位置在哪裡 Where are you located?
36 你是否受困在你的車內 Are you trapped in your vehicle?
37 水是否很深,或是流動很快 Is the water deep, or flowing fast.
38 你的車輛是否漂浮假如是的話,往哪個方向漂流 Is your vehicle floating If so, which direction is it going.
39 假如有人受困在很深且流動快速的水裡,且車輛正在漂浮,特別是水已經流進車內,車內的人員生命受到威脅時 If the person is trapped in very deep, fast-moving water and/or the vehicle is floating away especially if water is getting into the automobile and their life is threatened.
40 讓車內的人打開一邊的窗戶,或是以鞋子或其他硬質的物體擊破窗戶 Try to open a side window, or break it with your shoe or some other solid object.