編號 中文 英文
1 不要害怕消防人員會保護你 Please do not be afraid, the firefighter will protect you.
2 請保持鎮定! Please stay calm.
3 我們會盡力幫助你 We will do our best to help you.
4 不要驚慌! Do not panic!
5 用濕毛巾蓋住口鼻 Use a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose.
6 儘快走到最近的緊急出口 Walk quickly to the nearest emergency exit.
7 不要去拿你的個人財物 Do not take your personal belongings.
8 不要使用電梯! Do not use the elevators.
9 不要試圖跳樓 Do not attempt to jump off the building.
10 避免吸入濃煙 Try not to breath in the smoke.
11 我們會把你的朋友救出來 We will do our best to rescue your friend.
12 我們已經將火勢撲滅 We have put out the fire.
13 你有沒有受傷? Are you injured?
14 你哪裡痛? Where does it hurt?
15 緊閉門窗!! Shut the doors and windows well!!
16 你從哪裡打電話 Where are you calling from?
17 你是否有受傷或是受困 Are you injured or trapped?
18 假如來電者受傷留在你現在的位置。我們正派人前往協助。假如你距離火災現場太近,或是有聞到天然瓦斯,在你傷勢許可的範圍下,離開那個區域,但是仍請留在現場附近,這樣救難人員才能找到你 If the caller is injured:
Stay where you are. We are sending help.  If there are fires dangerously close, or if you smell natural gas, move as far away from the area as your injuries allow, but remain in the general vicinity so that rescuers can find you.
19 假如來電者沒有受傷:你是否知道身旁有沒有其他人受傷請描述一下現場受損的狀況 If the caller is not injured:Do you know if there are others injured around you? Please describe the damage in your area?
20 不要試著單獨去殘骸堆中救人。在沒有專業的救援技術及設備下,你可能傷害到待救者 Do not try to extricate victims from debris on your own. You might harm them without the use of professional rescue techniques and equipment.