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The Ministry of the Interior held an achievement briefing and a technology disaster relief forum on December 7, 2021. Minister Xu Guoyong said that in recent years, the National Fire Agency (NFA) has introduced the latest smart technology applications in emerging technology projects, and combined with the experience of disaster prevention and relief personnel to continue the development and update of disaster relief equipment systems. It is expected that the application can be widely used in all aspects of disaster prevention and relief in the future so as to improve the safety of firefighting and disaster relief personnel, and at the same time improve the overall disaster prevention and relief efficiency of our country to safeguard the lives and property of our people.
According to the Ministry of the Interior, the information application system developed by the NFA at this stage can transmit the vital signs of patients in ambulances to the hospital where the ambulances are expected to arrive to reduce the time for doctors to diagnose and improve the efficiency of treatment. In addition, the system also integrates various private media information releases channels to instantly convey important disaster prevention messages to the public and to increase the people’s awareness and response capability to disasters in order to reduce the impact of disasters, and to recover after disasters
The Ministry of the Interior pointed out that the NFA’s science and technology plan will continue to apply the advantages of 5G technology to improve the efficiency of search and rescue, as well as fire training and emergency rescue. At the same time, the plan will combine technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and geographic information systems to further improve disaster prediction accuracy so as to reduce disaster losses.
In addition to inviting meteorological expert Peng Qiming as a special lecture, the forum also arranged for domestic fire technology manufacturers to showcase the latest disaster relief equipment and systems, and invited disaster prevention and relief related units, experts, scholars and the public to participate in the event.
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