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Status of our brigade
1.Framed Crew
1 Captain, 1 Deputy Captain, 2 Division Heads, 1 Director, 3 Clerks, 2 Subsection Leaders, 1 technician, 5 Squad Leaders and 24 crew members.
Set a rescue command center, disaster rescue and disaster prevention divisions, accounting and personnel departments, east bank subsection, west bank subsection, Suau harbor subsection and Taipei harbor subsection.
Disaster Prevention Division
Planning and execution fire control safety equipment inspection, handle violation cases, publicizing fire prevention education, safety management and inspection on public hazardous items, investigate, identify, compile statistics and analyze root cause of fire disasters, validating fire disasters, and administrative affairs.
Disaster Rescue Division
Planning and execution disaster re scuing system, preparing and usage management of rescuing resource, civil organizations and water resource, planning and execution emergent medical service for injure and sick patients, handle educational trainings and advancing trainings.
Rescue Command Center
Planning, commanding, coordinating, supervising and evaluating fire-fighting tasks, compile statistic results of every rescue service.
Personnel Office
Frame organization, transfer and relocate crew, reward and punish evaluation, retirement, compensation and insurance benefits, etc.
Accounting Office
Yearly budget and daily accounting affairs.
Organization map

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