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Government Website Ingormation Publication

Statement of Government Website Information Publication

  1. Authorization and its scope

    For the public use of information posted on this website, the data and materials disclosed on the official website of Ministry of the Interior are provided for public use in a free of charge, non-proprietary and reproducible way within the scope of copyrights. Users are allowed to develop products or services (referred to as the value-added derivatives hereafter) by reproducing, modifying, editing, transmitting publically or using in any other way without the limits of time and region. This authorization will not be withdrawn in a later day and users do not need to obtain the authorization of the government agency in writing or other form. However, the reference to the origin of information shall be noted.

  2. Notes

    1. The authorization is applicable only to the extent that is allowed by the copyrights and does not cover other intellectual property rights; include but not limited to the provision of patents, trademarks and agency insignias.

    2. For the collection, processing and utilization of personal information disclosed by the party involved or as legally required, the users are advised to develop and implement actions to meet legal requirements based on the requirements of Personal Information Protection Act.

    3. Some of the audio, video, graphics, music scores, articles by certain authors or for certain projects or other publications that are provided with a special statement of the agency can only be used with prior approval.

  3. Be sure not to infringe the moral rights of any third party, including the paternity and integrity rights.

  4. The information contained in the data and/or materials provided with this authorization shall not be altered with a malicious intension. Any and all civil or criminal liability arising from the discrepancy between data disclosed and the original data and/or materials shall be borne solely by the user.

  5. The authorization by this website does not implicate any recommendation, recognition or approval of the status of the value-added derivatives by the agency.

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