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Our jurisdictions cover mainly the Keelung harbor as well as Suau and Taipei harbors. Our responsibilities including maintain fire safety at harbor areas, propagandize calamity prevention, carry out fire control safety inspection, rescue people from disasters and provide emergency medical service, etc. The historical changes of this brigade are listed in the followings
1.Underneath the Keelung Harbor Office Fire Control Unit in 1953, twenty-one employees.
2.Transferred the unit to the Police Department of the Keelung Harbor Office in 1970, twenty-one employees.
3.Numbers of employee were increased to 33 in 1992 in order to improve our fire fighting ability and assert the harbor area safety.
4.Spun off and separated from the Police Department of the Keelung Harbor Office on Nov. 1st, 1998, 33 employees.
5.In compliance with "Provincial Downsizing Policy" in 1999, the Fire Control Department and all its sub-units were merged to the National Fire Agency. In December of the same year, the bill “The Harbor Office Fire Control Brigade Organization Principles” was passed by the Legislation Yuan and approved by the President.
6.The official document, #067385 of the MI-T90, “The Harbor Office Fire Control Brigade Organization Principles of the National Fire Agency, Ministry of Interior”, was issued on the 2001, Nov. 16; 42 employees.
7.The building of headquarter was completed in December 2001.
8.The building for the East Bank Subsection was completed in July 2003: Considering the fact that the Keelung harbor is a long narrow east-west geography and the traffic problem will delay the response if a disaster occurs on the east bank area; in order to improve the rescue efficiency, the 9.Keelung East Bank Subsection was established and their residing building was constructed at the #14 east dock.
The Taipei Harbor Subsection was founded in November 2003 in order to perform the tasks of fire control and safety at the Taipei port area.
10.The new residing building for the Suau Harbor Subsection was completed in December 2004.
11.The residing building for the Taipei Harbor Subsection was completed in December 2005.
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