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1.Outline harbor volunteer fire fighter regimentation, integrate fire fighting and assisting work forces at harbor area.
This brigade covers three harbors with large areas and only frames 40 fire fighters to maintain harbor fire control safety that is really difficult. In order to resolve this situation, we recruited 85 volunteers from workers in this harbor area or people live near by who have interested and passion to do fire fighting work and founded the “Keelung harbor area volunteer fire fighting brigade”. They went through trainings from Nov. 8th to 25th 1999 to equip with proper disaster control and rescue ability in order to help this area to perform rescue tasks with joint effort from us. Up to 2007, the total number of volunteer is 141 (including Suau and Taipei Harbors). Additionally, these volunteers can assist the publicizing tasks on fire prevention. Do well in the disaster prevention will reduce the damage to the minimum when disaster occurs.
2.Reinforce fire control education and training, improve disaster rescue capability.
In fire control education, it covers professional training on related information on fire control, physics, chemistry, fire prevention and building safety to nurture talents for disaster prevention and rescue; the fire-fighting training is for fire fighters to reinforce their execution ability by attending regular and professional on job trainings. Therefore, only with yearly solid training can improve our capability of rescuing.
3.Establish emergency medical care team, enhance professional rescue capability.
Frequent traffic accidents occurred due to busy traffic of trailer trucks and dense population of residential areas around this station. In order to provide injured patients an emergent and proper medical care before delivering to a hospital, we planned to form a special emergency rescue team. Yet, limited to our manpower shortage, currently we founded a “phoenix volunteer team” by recruiting workers in this harbor area or people live near by who have interested and passion to do emergency care work, and train them with skillful, professional emergent medical care techniques to assist us and this harbor area to serve workers and residents in this harbor areas. Also, collecting records from every emergent care case and share and discuss experience in order to improve skill and quality of emergent medical care.
4.To coordinate and plan various maneuvers in this harbor, to enhance the rescue ability of our crew.
Several fire fighting drills in this harbor area were held by each department separately, yet collaborated and rehearsed with our brigade. In order to coordinate works with all departments when disaster happen, we planned in the near future, to work out various disaster maneuver, to establish emergency contact channels with all related authorities, to overview the whole plan, give out order, dispatch, to use all the resources, manpower, vehicles with all authorities and departments, in order to efficiently developed entire rescue functions, to enhance and improve the rescue ability of our crew, subdued the hazard incurred by the disaster.
5.Reinforce the ability of rescuing life on sea, develop the potential tourism at bay area.
In order to enhance the operation efficacy, to develop the potential tourism resource, to increase this harbor revenue, under the promotion of Chief Officer of Keelung Harbor Bureau, as to make sure the responsibility of the safety of the sea coast. To make sure the safety of all the marine activities, such as over sea activities, cruise line, to be aimed our colleagues and the volunteer fire control crews, implement professional training upon life rescue and the skills, to be able to develop the life saving efficacy when disaster occurred.
6. Purchase fire control boat, enforce disaster rescue ability over the sea.
For now, a towboat is the basic vessel for rescuing over the sea. However, the function of a towboat is not designed in accordance with fire, chemistry hazard from boat, is unable to use the special method ( i.e. dry powder, foam) to put out fire. Thus, it is necessary to look into other countries such as United States or Japan how they doing it, when purchasing the special kind of fire control boat for disaster rescue on the bay area, just so to enhance the ability of rescue work efficiently.
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