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Words form Director General

Disaster prevention and response is one of the most important government tasks. Since the "Disaster Prevention and Response Act" was promulgated in 2000, disaster prevention and rescue has transformed from traditional two-dimensional operations to a cross-department integrate collaborative task.

In recent years, various types of disaster have seriously impacted our national disaster prevention and rescue system. In fact, the disaster prevention and rescue system we were eager to implement becomes increasingly sound and matured to respond to various kinds of emergency and rescue operations. The integrated responsive capability and performance has proved to improve significantly over the past due to the support and collaborative efforts made by the following: Our nationwide responders, Volunteer firefighters, The Phoenix volunteers, Subsiding women fire prevention advocate, Neighborhood rescue teams, Civilian emergency rescue team, the people of Taiwan and the overwhelming response to emergency situations under public monitoring. the integrated responsive capability and performance has proved to improve significantly over the past.

Fire prevention and disaster rescue is a task covering all aspects. The fire prevention team should have a technical, modernized and efficient integrative capability. Disaster prevention and rescue system should strengthen digitalization, information, systemization and standardization in operation capability. This is also our mission and commitment. Facing the challenging task and a great responsibility to the society, we are dedicated to continuous improvement in coordinating all government units, cooperating with civilian organizations, building up disaster prevention and emergency response consciousness, setting up nationwide disaster prevention network and assuring collaborative efforts in protecting the safety of people"s life and property.

Our prospect lies in our insisting on adopting private enterprise operation principles to develop a new milestone for fire prevention task. It will be an efficiency-driven, performance-oriented and people-centered service. We will never be rest and proud of ourselves in delivering our integrated cooperation and services through our dedication to a sound and effective disaster prevention and rescue responsive system.

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