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Words from the Director General

Confronted by rapid changes in the external environment, firefighting is a diverse and challenging career. But I believe that “do things with effort and consistent goals will speed up our steps”. As the promotion of fire services should be based on the frontline firefighters, having sufficient frontline firefighters and strategizing a proper shift system and division of labor will be our mutual goals.
In response to the normalization of climate change and extreme weather, also the more frequent large-scale compound disasters, we should not only continue to keep up with the times in terms of enhancing firefighter training and upgrading firefighting vehicles and equipment, but also integrate information technology applications to increase the effectiveness of disaster prevention and rescue works and the firefighter’s safety. As the saying goes, “in order to do things well, we have to make preparations.” Therefore, I have outlined the future development directions for fire services with the aspiration that National Fire Agency (NFA) will back up all municipal, county and city fire bureaus. We will exert our utmost efforts and work hard together with our firefighters around the country to become a force that guards all citizens and to open a new page for the history of firefighting.
With respect to fire prevention, NFA will continue to promote the legislation of “Fire Protection Equipment Personnel Act” to optimize the operating mechanism of fire equipment professionals; enhance fire equipment audit and approval operations and systems to incentivize manufacturers to improve product quality; and further enhance the analysis of fire cause and spreading mechanism to improve fire cause investigation and identification efficiency. Also, during the pandemic period, we will enhance quarantine hotels’ fire safety and evacuation drills in order to balance pandemic prevention and fire safety.
With respect to disaster prevention and rescue, we will focus on establishing large-scale disaster risk assessment and response strategies; enhancing the cooperation mechanism with local governments and the disaster prevention and rescue capacity of communities; promoting disaster prevention and rescue technology; and strengthening risk communication with the society. Besides, we will continue to enhance firefighters’ safety mechanism, safety culture, occupational safety and health protection measures. We will also replenish the manpower of firefighters; adopt a proper shift system; replace old firefighting vehicles and equipment; fortify the anti-earthquake structure of firehouses; enhance and upgrade the training center’s hardware and software facilities and training functions, as well as enhance EMS quality and EMS shift, increase our cooperation capacity with private sectors; and deepen private sectors’ participation in disaster prevention and rescue works.
 “When the goals are certain and directions are right, the success is only a matter of time”. We will work hard and grow stably with all levels of fire bureaus and frontline firefighters to better protect citizens’ safety.

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