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1.  Goal of Service
Facing the new challenges of the millennium, an all-round fire safety system and rescue system of the harbor fire brigade and strong disaster prevention capacity are indeed very important issues of modernizing the fire department. Therefore, all colleagues of the brigade invariably embrace the altruistic spirit of working all out to enhance the service quality, to execute all sorts of disaster prevention and rescue tasks, so as to protect the safety of the citizens’ life and properties in this district.

2.  Three Major Missions
(1) Fire Prevention
a. Management of hazardous materials
b. Management of fire safety facilities
c. Inspection and examination of fire prevention materials and fire prevention equipment
d. Fire prevention management
(2) Disaster and Rescue
a. Disaster rescue tactics
b. Disaster rescue system
c. Rescue in special disaster
d. Publicity of drown prevention measures
(3) Emergency Rescue
a. Pre-hospital rescue and transportation
b. Training of all grades of professional rescue technicians
c. Quality examination and assessment of emergency rescue service

3.  Core Value of Mission
To fulfill the five objectives of“professional, modern, mobile, daily, universal”service. To“create a safe living environment” with the principle of“always ready for emergency; eliminating disaster before it breaks out; serving the public.” As fire-fighting professionals, it is our duty to save and rescue, as well as to serve the public, with an objective, impartial and indiscriminative stand, which overrides any party’s or personal interests, not to involve in any political dispute, and to serve the public with the best of our effort.
24-hour round-the-clock services for the public
(24-hour reporting hotline of the brigade: 886-7-533-7900)

4.  Notes on Reporting a Case
When you need an ambulance for emergency rescue, and in case of fire, leakage of toxic gas, drowning, sea disaster, please keep in mind the following points for reporting a case:
(1) Clearly tell the brigade’s staff the location of incident, any remarkable building or target.
(2) Clearly tell the brigade’s staff the situation at the site of the accident, and whether someone is trapped.
(3) Whenever an ambulance is needed, the condition and location of the injured person should be clearly described, and symptoms and medical history of the patient should not be concealed.
(4) Citizens may report a case in the following ways:
a. Auto-response line: 886-7-562-2601, press 9
b. Reporting line: 886-7-533-7900
(5) The brigade is in charge of disaster rescue, emergency rescue, and public service. Response time to a reported case is 60 seconds during the day and 90 seconds at night. Prompt arrival to the site of the accident is promised.
(6) Fault report of a fire or ungrounded dialing of the reporting line is subject to the following penalty: 【Article 36 of the Fire Act provided that a penalty of NT$3,000-NT$15,000 shall be fined for one of the following conditions】:
a. Fault report of a fire.
b. Ungrounded dialing of the fire reporting line.
c. Failure to follow the treatment pursuant to Paragraph 1 of Article 19, Article 20 or Article 23.
d. Refuse to adhere to the arrangement or application pursuant to Article 34.
e. Impede the usage of facilities pursuant to Paragraph 1 of Article 34.

Our team, our family.

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