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Kaohsiung Harbor Fire Brigade
The force is a member of the Port of Kaohsiung, Taiwan International Ports Corporation Ltd.; besides the three statutory fire control missions of fire disaster prevention, disaster rescue and emergency rescue, we are also required to collaborate with the Ports Corporation in combination with industrial development demands to promote the development of the “Third Harbor District for the Port of Kaohsiung”, while also catering to the theme of a “green port” for the sustainable development of “production, living, and ecology” to advance towards the goal of becoming a hub port, LOHAS port, and ecological port, constructing it into a modernized commercial port conforming to the demands of navigation and urban development, as well as informatization, automation and in accordance with green transportation.

It was founded in 1951, and was formerly known as the police force of the Kaohsiung Harbor Police Department in Taiwan. It is under the direct command and supervision of the Taiwan Police Department and Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau.

In collaboration with the “separation of fire brigade and police department” on November 1st, 1998, the Fire Services Department of the Taiwan Provisional Government established the Kaohsiung Harbor Fire Brigade, which is under the command and supervision of the Port of Kaohsiung. 

It was changed to be directly under the National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior as of July 1st, 1999 in accordance with the downsizing-province policy.

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