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Kaohsiung Harbor

Kaohsiung Harbor has two entrances, entrance No.1 and entrance No.2 There are currently 122 wharfs and more are under-construction. In addition, the sea and land areas are spacious. Administratively and practically, the areas of responsibility are divided into four parts: Penglai Area, Chungtao Area, Port 2, and the Chunghsing Commercial Port Area. Dividing into these four areas allow the associated fire department to react properly and immediately when an emergency occurs. The dockyards in Chengchen Fishing Port and Chichin Area where frequent incidents of fire occur.

The potential threats in Kaohsiung Harbor Area include the giant merchant ships, the fishing boats with questionable supervision, a petrochemical product wharf and its 357 huge storage tanks, dockyards, decommissioning shipyards and the warehouses. The ships are loaded with a large amount of fuels and have several layers of airtight compartments. The petrochemical products are delivered to the wharf and unloaded into storage tanks through pipes and then are delivered to places around Taiwan by fuel shipping trucks. During the processes mentioned above, the petrochemical products are extremely flammable, explosive, and water-resistant. There is a constant possibility of the occurrence of liquid fuel and fire incidents in the dockyards and the decommissioning shipyard. It requires professional know-how and training to deal with these incidents and to adopt a proper emergency reaction.

As a part of the Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau, the Kaohsiung Harbor Fire Brigade is responsible for three important missions, which are fire prevention, disaster rescue, and emergency aid. In addition, to strive to be the most popular and the most satisfying harbor around the world. Established by the Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau. Thus, we could keep a safe investing environment with respect for life, property security and environmental protection.

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