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         National Fire Agency (hereinafter referred to as the Agency) has recently received inquiries and reports from many people regarding that certain units claimed to be entrusted by fire departments to organize fire prevention training or seminars in accordance with Fire Services Act and to make use of providing fire prevention training to sell fire protection commodities. The Agency asks the public not to be deceived by the commercial trick of providing free propaganda while promoting fire protection commodities.
          The Agency has clarified that fire departments do not authorize or entrust any associations, groups or corporations to conduct fire prevention propaganda in companies. If you receive any call or fax regarding the issue, please ignore or reject it. However, if you have the need to conduct fire prevention propaganda, please consult a local fire department for assistance. All fire departments are more than happy to serve you.
Locations that are requested to implement fire prevention management should implement firefighting, reporting and evacuation training every six months. Fire prevention managers should strengthen the training of response abilities of personnel for firefighting, reporting and evacuation according to the fire protection plan set up by themselves. Additionally, they may request a local fire department to provide instruction to enhance self-response abilities in a fire.        
Moreover, fire extinguishers, residential fire alarms and other commonly seen fire protection equipment can only be sold, displayed or installed for use after they are approved by a registered organization and labeled with an approval mark. When you purchase a fire extinguisher, residential fire alarm or other fire protection equipment, please make sure they have an approval mark to ensure safety!
          The Agency would like to remind you once again that there is no danger when there is preparedness and that it is better to take precautions before it is too late. You are welcomed to visit Fire Safety Museum at https://www.tfdp.com.tw/ to learn more about fire and disaster prevention.
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