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Home > News > Firefighting and rescue units operate all year round. President Tsai conveyed her appreciation to rear personnel on the first day of Lunar New Year.


On the first day of Lunar New Year 2022, President Tsai visited National Fire Agency (NFA) of Ministry of the Interior and National Rescue Command Center (NRCC) to distribute consolation money to rear personnel. Accompanied by Minister of the Interior Hsu Kuo-yung and Director-General of National Fire Agency Hsiao Huan-chang, President Tsai thanked rear personnel for sacrificing their holidays, standing by for rescue and relief operations, and guarding people of the nation.
President Tsai expressed that NFA had been continuously summarizing, studying and analyzing information on fires, earthquakes and other disasters around the nation; commanding disaster relief operations; and coordinating dispatch of resources around the clock to fulfill its duties. Besides, fire bureaus around the nation operate day and night to rescue those who call upon them. By dialing 119, those who are in trouble will receive support from them. President Tsai said that, as the central and regional competent authorities had been working closely together to protect our citizens, she would like to convey her sincere appreciation on behalf of all people of the nation.
NRCC of Executive Yuan, on the other hand, also operates 24 hours a day to coordinate dispatch of national search and rescue resources. Personnel stationed in NRCC come from Ministry of National Defense; Coast Guard Administration, Executive Yuan; Civil Aeronautics Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications; Ministry of Health and Welfare; and National Police Agency, National Airborne Service Corps and NFA of Ministry of the Interior. When a disaster occurs, NRCC will take the role to dispatch all resources of these units in order to enhance the country’s overall disaster relief and rescue efficiency
The central competent authority pays great attention to enhancing the operations and response efficiency of the entire disaster prevention and rescue system. After the trials and hardships of various disasters, the central competent authority will continue to review related policies and countermeasures in order to enhance our disaster prevention and rescue capabilities. It is also hoped that central and local competent authorities will coordinate and cooperate to optimize the mechanism, so that we can protect all people of the nation and be their strongest backup force.
Lunar New Year is a traditional festival that our people pay great attention to. It is also a good time for all family members to get united. Personnel of NFA and NRCC have sacrificed their holidays in order to stand by for rescue and relief operation. It is hoped that, with such preparation for disasters that can occur anytime, all people will have a good, peaceful and happy Lunar New Year holiday.
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