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Precautions for aftershocks

Responses to complex disasters caused by earthquake (ex. fire disaster).
Check the gas and power switch and water valve after the earthquake.
Watch the television or listen to the radio station to receive accurate information on earthquake disaster. Do not listen to rumors.
Prevent any conduct that can result in injuries.
Check the gas and power switch and water valve after the earthquake. In case of any gas leak, open the window gently and leave the scene immediately.
To protect yourself from any injury, you can wear trousers, long sleeves, sturdy shoes and work gloves to avoid being cut by damaged pieces.
Be aware of sliding displacement of furniture during earthquakes. Prevent the furniture from tilting as it can result in property damages and secondary injuries.
Confirm the evacuation exit and safety of traffic flow.
Open the doors and windows as any distortion thereof can result in a difficult evacuation.
Switch the power off and check the evacuation exist and traffic flow.
Check if the glasses are damaged and avoid touching the broken pieces.
Stay away from dangerous facilities.
Do not take the elevator and evacuate yourself by stairs.
Evacuate to a vacant place and stay away from signboards, trees, buildings and utility poles.
Stay away from any damaged buildings to keep you safe.
Stay away from cliffs and watch out falling rocks and landslides.
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