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In an outdoor space after the earthquake

Although an outdoor space is relatively safer, it is important to pay attention to some details depending on your location.
1. If you are nearby a slope or cliff, please pay great attention to falling rocks and landslide.
2. If you are walking in a city after the earthquake, please pay attention to loosened or falling objects from above, such as glasses, signboard and aerial crane. As loosened object do not fall off instantly after the earthquake, please pay extra attention to it! Keep yourself away from high-rise buildings is an alternative evacuation option!
3. If you are in a potential tsunami inundation area, please pay attention to tsunami alarms (tsunami alarm or SMS alert on mobile phone) and move to a highland immediately. If you are in an area with high risk of tsunami, you are urged to immediately move to a highland unless the building is already damaged during the earthquake or is obviously not high enough.
  • Follow the instructions of evacuation personnel.
  • Abide by the principles of vertical evacuation and the recommended height is at least 3 floors.
  • If there is no high building around, please move to inland or highland for evacuation.
  • If case of not being able to evacuate on time, grasp a fixed object to secure yourself.
  • If the evacuation route is within a short distance, avoid using a vehicle.
  • People who drive should be aware of the traffic jam issue, whereas people walking on the road should pay attention to car accidents caused by the chaos.
  • Pay attention to the second wave of tsunami. 
Attention! Even if the ocean looks calm after the earthquake, it does not mean that all risks are gone!
If the epicenter is in the sea, the tsunami will hit coastal areas after a period of time. Not only can it be tens of minutes or hours, but also the coastal area can be struck by several tsunami waves.
Therefore, please ensure that your communication is effective and pay attention to tsunami alerts on your mobile phone or television to make the most accurate evacuation plan!
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