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In an indoor space after the earthquake (got stuck and cannot leave the building)

If you are stuck in a building after the earthquake, please calm down and observe the safe and danger places of the building, identify your location and wait for rescue.
  • If you are injured, please identify the location of your injury and stop the bleeding first. If you are pierced by a sharp object, do not remove it out without an appropriate equipment.
  • In the beginning of the disaster, please cover your mouth and nose and slow down your breath. It helps to prevent the inhalation of toxic dusts from the building.
  • If you can reach the mobile phone, please dial 119 or send a SOS message using SMS or instant messaging software!
  • If the power goes off and you cannot recharge your mobile phone, please save your power! It is relatively more difficult to call other people in the beginning of the post-earthquake period as the bast station may be damaged or the network may be congested. This will result in a waste of mobile phone power.
If you have a whistle, please take it out and whistle. If you do not have a whistle, please find a hard object or stone and knock a solid wall or metal nearby you therewith. The purpose thereof is to attract the attention of rescuers. Any panic yelling can cause an unnecessary loss of your body energy and unfavorable results as your voice can easily be covered by the background noise and cannot be spread far.
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