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Earthquake x After the Disaster

Post-earthquake information can be enormous and confusing, resulting in erroneous reporting. It is therefore suggested that people should obtain accurate information from official communication channel, such as Central Weather Bureau (https://www.cwb.gov.tw/), Central Emergency Operation Center (https://www.emic.gov.tw/), the Fanpage of National Fire Agency (https://www.facebook.com/NFA999/) and other government channels to obtain up-to-date disaster-related information.
1. Confirm if your family is safe
Upon confirming the safety of your family, make sure that your neighbors are safe and check if anyone needs help.
2. Confirm basic living necessities
After the earthquake, switch off the stove and heater first, and check for a gas leak. Also, store water in buckets, kettles and pots before water outage. The water stored in the bathtub can be used to flush the toilet.
3. Methods to report your safety
As you may not be able to contact your family after the earthquake due to interrupted communication or network congestion, you are suggested to make an agreement on the post-disaster contacting methods in advance, ensuring that you can contact your family after the earthquake.
To prevent network congestion and lessen the burden of telephone lines after an earthquake, SMS and instant messaging software are highly recommended for contacting your family and friends. You can also go to the “1991 Safety Bulletin Board” (https://www.1991.tw/) launched by National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior to set up your emergency contact person (ex. telephone number) or leave a message there in advance.
After the occurrence of a large-size earthquake, you can also set up your or your family or friends’ safety information in the “Safety Check System for People in Disaster-Affected Areas” (https://portal2.emic.gov.tw/FIS2_Develop/Masses/Home/) established by National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior. Apart from offering people a channel to check your and your family and friends’ safety, this system is also integrated with the government’s evacuation, emergency shelter and casualty lists; and is synchronously connected to the “1991 Safety Bulletin Board”, further optimizing disaster prevention works.
You can also log in the customized disaster prevention system “Bear EMIC” (https://bear.emic.gov.tw) established by National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior to active the “safety message” function. This function enables you to send the preset message to your family in the first minute after the earthquake 
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