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When you are at home

1. When you are at home
(1) In the living room, dining room or study room.
If there is any table nearby you, please do your best to hide under a table (dining table and desk are also workable, except for those that have a glass top), drop, cover and hold on. Please hold on to the legs to protect yourself. If there is no table nearby the place, please keep yourself away from glass windows, chandelier, ceiling fan, collapsible cabinet or refrigerator and other movable objects (ex. piano). Keep yourself low and embrace your arm and neck with both hands.
(2) On the bed
  If you are on a bed, please turn around your body, keep your face down and protect your head and neck with a pillow.
  Please stay on a bed and stay alert until the earthquake ends.
  Get up and take refuge in a panic can result in unnecessary risks.
2. When you are in the toilet
(1) Do not leave the toilet in a panic.
(2) As toilet has a relatively smaller space, rushing out from the toilet can result in an accident easily.
(3) When an earthquake seriously shakes, it is suggested that you can bend down and protect your head and neck with surrounding objects (ex. a plastic wash basin) or directly with your hands. Please keep bent over until the earthquake stops shaking. Please watch out the mirror hanging on the wall and objects on cabinet or rack as they can fall off.
3. When you are in the bathroom
(1) Please do not rush to leave the bathtub.
As bathroom can be slippery due to the steam, rushing out the bathroom can easily result in an accident.
(2) Do not jump out the bathtub in a panic.
If an earthquake occurs during your bath, you can lower your head to ensure that it is below the edge of the tub while protecting your head and neck with your hands or a plastic wash basin.
(3) Watch out if the mirror on the wall and objects in the cabin or rack can fall off.
4. When you are in the kitchen
(1) Watch out the stove fire
If you are using the stove fire next to a gas stove, please turn off the fire immediately and refuge in the place. Hide yourself below a table until the earthquake ends.
If the stove fire cannot be immediately reached, refuge in the place first. Please hide yourself below a table to protect your own safety first. Do not rush to the gas stove to turn off the fire as you can be harmed.
(2) Watch out the pot on the stove or cooking table to prevent yourself from burns or injuries. It is also important to watch out harms caused by other falling and breaking bowls, plates, cups.
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