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Disaster prevention knowledge

1. When you are in an outdoor space
   (1) Outdoor space is relatively safer during the earthquake. You can take protect your head and neck with one of your belongings and wait quietly until the earthquake tops.
   (2) Do not attempt to run indoors during the earthquake.
   (3) If the earthquake is in progress and you are in an outdoor space near by a building, tree or viaduct, you can protect your head and neck with your belonging and leave these high-risk areas.
   (4) If you happen to have a suitcase or laptop bag, please above them above your head to protect yourself.
   (5) Watch out if there are any potential falling objects, signboard and tile above you to avoid being harmed thereby.
2. When you are in a moving vehicle
   (1) Mild earthquake may be ignored in a moving vehicle. Nevertheless, when a high-intensity earthquake occurs, it can result in rollover or car accident.
   (2) Upon receipt of the warning message or realizing that an earthquake is in progress, please slow down your vehicle, turn on the hazard warning light, pull over to a vacant place, and wait until the earthquake stops before continuing your journey.
   (3) If you can choose where to park your vehicle, please do not park next to a building, under a tree, under a viaduct or nearby any other high-risk areas.
   (4) If the earthquake occurs when you are in a train or MRT (metro), please hold on to the handle and steel bar and ben down to make sure that you are stable.
   (5) If the earthquake occurs when you are waiting for your transportation tool, please do your best to drop, cover, hold on and take one of your belongings to protect your head and neck. If there are too many people or you are challenged to drop, please do your best to knee down while protecting your head and neck.
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