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General Indoor Situation (office and home)

When the earthquake shakes, it is a must to protect ourselves as a priority. Do not get panic and run outdoors.
If there is any shelter nearby (ex. the space under a table), please hide therein. If there is any wall, you can also approach to the corner of the wall and drop to protect your head and neck. Nevertheless, please watch out if there is any potential falling objects.
When hiding in a corner or behind a pillar, please also watch out nearby furniture, electrical equipment, lamps, bookshelves or racks.
During the earthquake, the most important thing is to protect your head and neck from harm. It is a must to immediately take the actions of “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” and get under a table or stay in a corner.
When hiding under a table, you can hold on to the legs of the table. When the table moves due to the shake of earthquake, people hiding under the table can also move with the table to form a protective barrier that can prevent us from injury.
Unless there is any potential falling objects above your location or things already start to fall, please do not move again after the drop.
If your location is unsafe due to things above, you can attempt to crawl away the place during the earthquake. After crawling away from high-risk areas, immediately stop and cover yourself until the earthquake stops.
Do not look up as you can be injured by the falling light, fan or ceiling. Also, as fluorescent lamps can break, you can easily be harmed by the fluorescent lamp scraps if you look up during the earthquake. 
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